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A seismic gas shut off valve (SGSV) is an inexpensive one-time installation that automatically protects your residence or business from a gas leak fire caused by an eathquake. 


Seismic Shutoff installs seismic gas shut off valves (SGSV) to stop the flow of gas automatically when earthquake activity of magnitude 5.2 or greater occurs.


When activated the valve shuts off the flow of gas to your residence or business preventing gas explosions and fire. This temporary stoppage of gas flow allows for a careful inspection of gas lines for leaks and allows for a speedier resumption of service to your home or business.


Installation of the SGSV is performed by licensed, certified and insured gas pipe installers. 

about Seismic ShutoFF

As the City of Seattle had no gas safety policies, guidelines or plans in place for fires fed by gas leaks caused by earthquakes, Seismic Shutoff was formed with a mission focused on the installation of SGSV for commercial and residential customers to limit fire damage and reduce recovery of services after earthquakes. Seismic Shutoff is now licensed and operating in the states of Washington, Oregon and California. 

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